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Renisha McBride Was Bαnging on Homeowner’s Door Prior to Shoοting, Says Medical Examiner

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A medical examiner testifying at the Renisha McBride mυrder trial speculated that a wound on the McBride2deceased woman’s hand could’ve come from bαnging on the homeowner’s door.

Forensic pathologist, Dr. Werner Spitz, told jurors that a wound on McBride’s hand was in line with the defense’s allegation that McBride had been pounding on the homeowner’s door prior to being fatally shοt.

According to Spitz, the “small laceration” on McBride’s hand “could have” come from pounding on the door.

The defense team claims that McBride was banging on the door, but prosecutors point out that even if that were the case, homeowner Theodore Wafer could have remained inside his home as opposed to opening the front door and gunning down 19 year old McBride.

Wafer, accused of second degree mυrder, insists he was acting in self defense when he fatally shοt the teen.

Prosecutor Athina Siringas pointed out during cross examination that McBride had been in a car accident prior to arriving at Wafer’s home and asked if her hand injury could’ve been a result of the wreck.

“It may not always sound scientific. … I’m told somebody at 4:30 in the morning pounded at (Wafer’s) door in various places — on the window, on the door, on another door around the house,” Spitz answered, according to MyFoxDetroit. “And that same person now has a superficial laceration on the hand, a runoff of fresh bloοd, which means it probably just happened.”

Spitz also said the swelling of McBride’s hands supports the notion that she may’ve been poυnding on the door.

“There’s no way of associating these findings with anything but the event that led to the deαth,” he added.

Dr. Kilak Kesha, however, testified that during the autopsy, nothing stood out about McBride’s hands.






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