Religious scholar says TD Jakes is lying about Jesus

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tdjakesReligious scholar Reza Aslan recently took aim at prosperity gospel and anyone associated with it.

While speaking at the 2014 Indian Summer Festival in Vancouver, the University of California at Riverside professor said the portrayals of Jesus in movies are mostly “fictionalized” representations.

Aslan then blasted prosperity preachers, pointing to Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes, as two of the worst offenders.

“The fastest growing Protestant movement in North America is this movement that is referred to as the prosperity gospel,” he said. “This is the gospel preached by people like Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes — and when I say people, I mean charlatans. The argument of the prosperity gospel, if I can put it flippantly, is that Jesus wants you to drive a Bentley. That is basically what the argument is. That what Jesus wants for you is material prosperity, and that if you literally give, you will literally be given tenfold. That’s not a metaphor, as it is in most churches. It is literal. You give me $10 and Jesus will give you $100.”

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