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Rapper Waited 9 Years For His Wife to Get out of Prison

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Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

What is loyalty? This question is one that, if asked in a room full of 10 people, you may get 10 totally different answers.

For rapper Papoose, loyalty may mean waiting for his rapper wife Remy Ma to be released from prison after serving nine years. He’d initially tried to marry her in 2008, as she was serving her prison sentence; however, it was cancelled on the day of when the rapper was caught attempting to smuggle drugs into the penitentiary. The two did marry in a courtroom right before she was sentence, but he was immediately barred from visiting her for six months. Now that his wife is free, the two are reportedly planning for their wedding day.

In a recent interview on BET’s “106th & Park,” Remy Ma discussed her upcoming wedding, claiming that her husband is more excited than she is: “Actually, he’s more hyped about having a wedding more than me. ‘Oh, we have to put this song on the playlist!’ Every time, he’s like ‘Oh, they have to play this! They have to put this on the playlist.’” Being that Papoose comes from an industry that heavily promotes misogyny and mistreatment of women, it’s shocking that he actually wants to get married and has stayed with the woman he married while she served what many people would argue is a long prison sentence.

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