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Pres. Obama Was Pushed Into Siding With Blacks by Wife Michelle, Writer Says

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During the Trayvon Martin controversy, President Obama stood before the world and Barack and Michelle2admitted that if he’d had a son, Obama ‘s son would’ve looked like Trayvon. The empathy the president showed toward black people at that moment infuriated critics who would’ve preferred that Obama remain quiet on the issue.

So why did Pres. Obama stick his neck out and make those comments? According to a new book, it was Michelle Obama who convinced her husband that he should side with blacks on racial issues.

Author Ronald Kessler says agents admitted to him privately that they’d overheard Mrs. Obama tell Barack  “to be more aggressive in attαcking Republicans and to side with blacks in racial controversies.”

“That could have been me thirty-five years ago”, said Obama, referring to Trayvon Martin, who’d been gunned down by self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Obama also spoke up for Harvard professor Henry Gates, before backtracking due to pressure from police organizations.

Kessler says Pres. Obama wouldn’t have been vocal on these issues had not been for Michelle Obama.

Agents also say that Mrs. Obama is extremely nice to her Secret Service detail, unlike former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and insists that all agents call her by her first name.

“Michelle is friendly – she touches you”, said one agent, who also discussed how Michelle and her mother go about taking care of Malia and Sasha. She gave agents cards on Father’s Day and the agents have previously been invited to the Obama’s home in Hyde Park.

The agents also say that Pres. Obama, unlike former President Clinton, is punctual, but when he’s running late, Michelle gets on him and reminds him that he’s being disrespectful to the agents.

In book “The First Family Detail”, Kessler doesn’t just discuss the Obamas, but other presidents and first ladies as well.