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Pastor Sells Mother of Two ‘Sanctified Water’ That Killed Her Children

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holywaterReported by Nigel Boys

Nigerian Ese Oghenevwe is in custody along with Austin Eduviere (pictured), the pastor of Triumphant World International Church in Abraka, Nigeria, for allegedly killing her two-year-old son named Wisdom and his 9-month-old brother named Prayer, according to Delta State Police (DSP) reports.

Celestina Kalu, spokesperson for the DSP, said that Wisdom and Prayer Clement had died after Oghenevwe allegedly gave them a substance to drink that was sold to her by Eduviere to cure them of their ailments. The pastor had apparently used this substance before, consisting of a mixture of salt and sanctified water, to heal others at a price of 1,850 Nigerian Naira, or about $11.50.

Kalu went on to say that the DSP received information in the early hours of the morning on July 25 that 25-year-old Oghenevwe had killed her children by giving them a liquid substance to drink. Upon further investigation, Eduviere was taken into custody and charged with the deαths of the youngsters along with their mother.

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