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NYPD Cop Allegedly Offered to Fast Track Applicant for $1,000, Sεx, and Pαnties

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An NYPD officer allegedly offered to fast track a woman’s recruitment in exchange for sεx, Lantigua$1,000, and pαnties. The officer may’ve gotten away with the alleged coercion if the woman he made the offer to hadn’t decided to alert authorities to help trap the officer.

Authorities say Delfin Lantigua contacted the recruit on Facebook and told her that he could get her hired if she gave him what he wanted.

He said as long as she agreed to give him sεx on multiple occasions,  $1,000, and the woman’s pαnties, he could get her on at the NYPD.

“This defendant shamefully violated his duty to uphold the law by demanding sεx from a woman who simply wanted to become a police officer,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, the Daily Mail reports.

Lantigua now faces up to 7 years in jail if he is convicted on charges of third-degree bribe receiving, second-degree coercion and official misconduct.

“He will now be prosecuted for his outrageous conduct,” said the prosecutor.

The investigation found that Lantigua contacted the woman in February. The woman went to authorities and agreed to wear a wire to catch the officer. She met Lantigua at a Dunkin Donuts where he was recorded offering to fast track her application in exchange for regular sεx, among other things.

Lantigua arrived at a motel a couple of days later thinking he was going to meet with the recruit so they could have sεx, but instead he was met by fellow NYPD officers who took him into custody.

Lantigua worked in the applicant processing area of the police department where he handled new recruits. His attorney says this whole affair was a set-up.

“It’s my belief that this entire thing appears to have been orchestrated by the police department,” said attorney Stephen Flamhaft.