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Ladies: 3 Little Things That Will Stroke His Big Ego

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All relationships get a bit stale every now and then, here are some ideas to shake it up and keep it smoking:

1. Be Unpredictable – Break a few rules and do something out of character.  If you go to bed in the same old t-shirt every night, invest in some sexy lingerie. Initiate love making yourself, and make some moves you haven’t tried before. There is plenty of advice these days to give you ideas on how you can keep his toes curling in the bedroom.

Try being unpredictable outside of the bedroom, too. A few years ago, a male colleague took secret dancing lessons and surprised his wife at their daughter’s wedding with some groovy dance moves. She was delighted (because she was sure he was having an affair), and now they go dancing together three or four times a week. He confided recently, that their relationship is the best its ever been.

2. Be a Little Naughty – Whether it be in or out of the bedroom, try and spice things up in your love life. If you are in public, whisper in his ear the things you know will turn him. Do it with a straight face. If you are in an elevator and no one is around, give him an unexpected passionate kiss and let your hands do a little talking, too. If he is watching TV one night, walk in nαked and stand in front of him. That will be sure to get his attention.

Whatever is naughty for you, and a little bit out of character, go for it. It is sure to put a bit of a spark back into the relationship.

3. Let Yourself Relax – You don’t have to make all the decisions and do everything yourself all the time. Some women I’ve talked to, feel that they have to be a super woman. They have to make sure everyone is happy, fed, and the apartment clean. Ladies, no you don’t.

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  1. ruby

    August 22, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    LayLay, your comments speak for themselves and that just may be why you are from the school of hard knocks. It does not hurt you or him to stroke his ego from time to time and stroke your own ego too. Show appreciation, say please, thank you and I need you or to be silly and think that I don’t believe that I just did or said that, but know that it really was quite alright. I say do what you need to do to keep some spice going on in the relationship. We all get routine enough over time so somethings have got to give, but the best advice that was given to me was to watch your words and be mindful to not say something mean spirited or hurtful that you cannot take back. Been married for a while and loving it!

  2. Eugene

    August 22, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    That #2 About blocking the TV might not work if his favorite show is on (even if you can record it)

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