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Judge Charged With Beαting Wife So Bad He Broke Her Orbital Bone

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An Ohio judge has been arrested after allegedly bιting and pυnching his wife.

Cuyahoga County Judge Lance T. Mason was taken into custody over the weekend when a person called 911 after witnessing a fight inside a vehicle.

Judge Mason

Judge Mason

Mason is accused of causing “serious harm” to his wife of eight years, Aisha Fraser Mason, by fracturing her orbital bone, according to

Mrs. Mason was also treated for other facial injuries as her husband stands accused of pυnching her in the face.

The judge is charged with felonious assaυlt over the incident, which occurred on Saturday. The charge carries a penalty of between two and eight years in prison.

Mrs. Mason was hospitalized after the attαck, according Shaker Heights Chief Prosecutor C. Randolph Keller, but has since been released.

The judge’s children were reportedly also present when the alleged attαck occurred.

The incident began in Shaker Heights but reportedly ended in Cleveland, according to charging documents.

A woman called 911 and told the dispatcher that she saw two people fιghting inside an orange SUV and said one of the occupants inside the SUV slammed on the breaks and began throwing pυnches.

The 911 caller also said the driver of the SUV swerved and almost hit other cars on the road.

Keller’s office was originally quiet when reporters attempted to get information about whether Judge Mason had been arrested but eventually held a press conference about the incident.

It is expected that Mason’s case will be transferred for Shaker Heights.

He was granted $65,000 bond in court.

Judge Mason was appointed to the court in 2008. He has been ordered to appear for  a psychiatric evaluation as well. He is expected back on court on August 13th.