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Jennifer Hudson’s half-brother jailed for stabbing a man in the face

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Jennifer Hudson has probably seen enough tragedy and violence for 10 lifetimes.  But the nightmare continues to remain real.  In yet another horrible family incident, Jennifer’s half-brother is now in jail for repeatedly stabbing a man repeatedly.  According to TMZ, police say that Steven Simpson is in custody for stabbing a man in the face multiple times.

The police in Paw Paw, Michigan say that the man stabbed the woman for being in a relationship with his estranged wife.   He is going to be charged with home invasion and attempted murder for his alleged crimes.

Jennifer is still recovering from another family tragedy that related to jealousy.  Just two years ago, William Balfour was given three life sentences for a heinous crime in which he murdered Hudson’s mother, nephew and brother in a jealous rage after the decline of his relationship with Hudson’s sister, Julia.

In addition to the three consecutive life sentences for his crimes, the judge gave Balfour another 120 for the crimes of home invasion, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and aggravated kidnapping.  During Balfour’s sentencing, Judge Charles Burns lashed at him the most for taking the life of the little boy, whom he said looked up to him.

“Your heart is an arctic night, and your soul is as barren as dark space,” Burns said before handing down his sentence.  

It appears that Jennifer Hudon and her family have been through quite a bit.  We wish her the best.