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“I Don’t Think I Would Have Made It.” Brandy Talks About The Pressures of Social Media

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TD_89737_11Songstress Brandy has made quite a name for herself.  She has had a successful singing career since she was 15 and has been relevant for the following 20 years.  It could not have been easy along the way to stardom, especially at such a young age.  However, Brandy sits down with Oprah and says that the young teen celebrities of today have it harder than she ever did.

“Oh my God… the opinions are so in-your-face.  I feel for the young artists today because people can just type them anything that they want to say and [be] negative, you know?”

Social media has become an outlet for the ugly side of humanity.  People go on there and say whatever they want – regardless of how cruel or offensive – simply because they’re hiding behind a computer screen.  Brandy claims that even as an adult she still has trouble facing criticism.

“They say whatever [they want],” she says. “And things still affect me now.”

But it’s one thing to offer constructive criticism.  It’s another to spew pure evil in forums or comment boxes simply just because you can.

READ MORE via “I Don’t Think I Would Have Made It.” Brandy Talks About The Pressures of Social Media | The Reel Network.


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