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Howard University student shot in the head during Ferguson protests

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A graduate student at Howard University has been shot at the protests taking place in Ferguson, Missouri.  Mya Aaten-White, according to NewOne, was shot in the head during the protests.  But apparently, she must be on her path to recovery, since she put a picture of herself on her Instagram page showing her on her way to the hospital.

Needless to say, she was blessed.

No one knows who shot the young woman.  Some speculate that it could have been the police, who received weapons from the Pentagon that they’ve been using on American citizens.  Police have said that some protesters have carried guns and shot other innocent civilians in the process.

Howard University issued a tweet to support the student, who graduated from the university in 2012.

“Our prayers are with alumna Mya White & her family. The senseless gun violence has to stop. As a nation, we must stand against the violence,” it read.

A new video released from an alleged witness of the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown adds another twist to the story.  According to conversations the witness was having at the time, Brown may have been coming at the officer when he was shot.

You can watch the video here and tell us what you think: