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How to create Heat Free Curls

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From SimplYounique on YouTube:

I want to show you how I achieved this hairstyle. I’m so loving my hair today.

Before I get started with the tutorial I’m just going to let you know how I prepped my hair and basically all I did was wash my hair the day before, I left it in four big braids and I tied my hair down with a How scarf and let my hair air dry overnight. The following morning I unravel the braids and just basically pulled my hair back. I did two big flat twist, one on either side of my head. I pulled the rest back into a bun, and basically, I just wanted to further stretch my hair out to prepare my hair for how I was going to style it.

If you’re interested in seeing how I achieved this hairstyle keep watching.

At this point I have my hair divided into four sections. I’m going to hydrate my hair with a little bit water, focus on the ends. I don’t want my hair to revert so I’m not going to put a lot of water on it and I’m going to start from the ends, and just comb my hair out just to further disrupt any curls or coils that are there.

Now I’m going to take some sweet almond oil, apply that to the section. Make a smaller section, put the remaining here up. Grab your flexi rod, keep your hair hot, wrap your hair around the rods.



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