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Group’s demand to record labels: “Stop disrespecting black women!”

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snoop-doggOne of the most destructive forces to the minds of black children has been the consistent cultural decay of hip-hop music.  Black women are regularly referred to as b*tches and hoes, and the continuous murder of young black men in the streets is now being celebrated.  We cannot deny the impact that this mental illnessh has had on the black community, where we are the only group of people to sing and dance to the beat of our own genocide.

During a recent interview I did with hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons, even he is asking that artists refrain from promoting ignorance and self-desstruction.  What’s ironic is that if this same ignorance being financed by large (mostly white) record labels were being targeted at white women, the gay community or Jews, it would never be tolerated.  So, the question is:  Why do they continue to mak a profit by degrading black men, women and children?

This article by April Taylor talks about a petition that is hoping to make some changes on the issue.  I hope you’ll read the article and sign the petition.  Part of the reason that these corporations don’t budge is because black people have become addicted to the very music that ruins our soul.  We’ve become the corporate crackheads of the music  industry, and the time to stop this epidemic is NOW.
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