Grandmother accidentally shoots and kills one of her twin grandsons

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By Nigel Boys

Sixty-three-year old grandmother, Linda Maddox, believes in sleeping secure in her bed at night and that’s why she keeps a loaded .22 caliber revolver handy in case of intruders during the night.

However, one night last week, the concerned grandmother decided to place a chair against the door handle to her bedroom, for additional security, because her 7-year-old twin male grandchildren were staying with her for the night while their father went to work.

Reportedly, around one in the morning, Tyler Maddox, one of the twins, decided for some reason to get out of bed and walk around for a while, probably answering a call of nature, but his grandmother didn’t know that he had arose. Consequently, when Maddox heard a sound at her bedroom door, she thought it was an intruder, picked up the revolver, aimed it in the general direction of the door and opened fire with one bullet.

It was only after she heard his screams that Maddox realized that she had shot one of the grandchildren she was trying to protect, according to sheriff’s officials from Hillsborough County, Florida.

After turning on the lights in the bedroom, it was discovered that young Tyler had been shot in the chest and was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he remains in a critical, but stable condition.

The twin boys usually live at the home of their father, 46-year-old, Reginald Maddox, but since he had to work night shift as a postal worker, their grandmother had been placed in charge of their care in her home at 6505, Alta Monte Drive, Tampa, Fl.

On Reginald’s Facebook page, friends and family rushed to show their support and prayers of help as soon as the incident was known. They also posted happy pictures of the twins, enjoying sports and family days out.

No charges have been filed against Linda Maddox and the authorities are reported as treating it as an accidental shooting. However, deputies have sealed off the house with police tape and are continuing their investigations.

According to state records, neither the grandmother or father of the twins has any record of a run in with the law, but there are a few recorded incidents in which deputies have been called to the home on reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area.