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Girl went to visit family in Africa and says she was kidnapped to cure her “gayness”

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A British woman learned the hard way that there is a vast difference between the way Europeans and Africans see homosexuality.  In Westernized societies, various forms of sexual expression are considered standard and discussed regularly in schools.  In traditional nations, these activities are shunned upon and kept behind closed doors.

According to 27-year old Christina Fonthes, her trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo was a bit of a nightmare after she was kidnapped by her family and friends who wanted to “cure her gayness” as a favor to their allegedly lost relative.   The woman had traveled from Manchester to Kinshasa to visit her aunt with her mother and younger sister.

While she was there, the woman says that her mother took away her passport so that she could be “fixed.”

She sent this frightening note on Twitter to her friends back home:  “Pls tell @UKinDRC & @ukhomeoffice that Im  NOT missing. My passport has been stolen BY MUM. and I need to return to uk asap.”

Jessica Creighton, a sports commentator for the BBC network and Christina’s life partner, made the public aware of what her loved one was going through.   She sent the word out and people responded.  Fonthes applied for emergency travel documents from the British Embassy, but was captured on her way there to try to get out of the country.

Somehow, she was able to finally find her way home.  This was after much outrage and an online petition on her behalf.

According to Creighton, the young woman’s partner, “It became apparent that her family were unhappy with her decision to be an out lesbian, they took her passport and [were] refusing to give it back.  We have just found out Chris is now back with her family. Who knows what they might do?”