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Friend of Officer Darren Wilson Says Michael Brown Attαcked the Officer

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A woman who claims to be a friend of the officer who gunned down Michael Brown has a very different version of events than the one being told by witnesses in Ferguson.

Darren Wilson

Darren Wison

According to a woman who identified herself as Josie and called into the The Dana Show, Michael Brown instigated a confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson.

Josie says she’s not the only person who has heard Wilson’s version of events and Wilson’s version differs greatly from the one being told by protesters.

Josie says Officer Wilson pulled up next to Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, and asked them to get out of the street. In response, according to Josie, Brown and Johnson began swearing at the officer and telling him that they were almost home.

Wilson reportedly pulled up ahead of the young men, then got the call that there’d been a strong-arm robbery in the area. That’s when Wilson pulled up next to the young men and tried to get out of his car, but Brown allegedly slαmmed the officer’s car door shut. Josie says Officer Wilson then tried to exit his car for a second time and Brown shoved him back into his patrol car and pυnched the officer.

Then Josie says there was a struggle for the gun and the gun went off,  right before Brown and his friend took off running. She says Offcr. Wilson told Brown to “freeze”, but instead of following orders, Brown began to taunt Wilson, saying ‘what are you gonna do? you’re not gonna shoοt me,’ or something in that vein. At that time, Brown “bum rushed” Wilson, so the officer started shoοting.

Josie says Officer Wilson believes that Brown was “on something” because he just kept coming.

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