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Freddie from a Different World has an awesome song that you may not have heard

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freddieRemember Cree Summer?  She played “Freddie” on the great show, “A Different World.”  Cree is a Canadian actress and a bit of a throwback to the days when classy black women got the acting roles instead of the ones we see on TV today.  Freddie was on the show for several years, starting with the second season when she and a cast of other characters filled the void left by Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable).

What people may not know is that Cree received steady work as a voice actress, getting her start in the early 80s as Penny on the cartoon “Inspector Gadget.”  She had a very throaty and memorable voice which led to quite a few other roles in shows like “Rugrats,” Drawn Together,” and “X-Men Legends,” among others.

Cree actually voiced over 100 animated characters from 1983 through 2006.   She was even set to play the voice of Meg Griffin on the show, “Family Guy,” but was fired by the producers for some strange reason.   Cree has also been singing she was 13.  She even sang in the background for Jasmine Guy’s first album in 1990.  So, it appears that there was quite a bit going on behind the scenes for this amazing show.

Below is one of Cree’s videos for a song called “Savior Self.”  She released the song in the mid-2000s.  It’s actually pretty good.  But then, that’s just our opinion.  Watch it and tell us what you think.