Five year old boy brings a loaded gun to school

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Some would say that gun control has gotten out of control, and stories like this make it all seem true.  A kindgartner in Pennsylvania got the attention of authorities when he brought a loaded gun to school.  Police say that the incident occurred in Aliquippa, a city northwest of Pittsburgh, and the gun was in the child’s backpack.

A student told the teacher what was going on and she took matters into her own hands.   The boy says that he found the gun at home, lying on the bed, and wanted to keep the gun away from his baby brother.   The child was suspended, and his family is saying that it was all a terrible accident.

“He put it in his book bag and forgot it was in there… For them to say he’s aggressive, that’s a lie,” the boy’s godmother, Nicole Lutle, said. “It’s not that this child was bad. It’s not that this child had a temper because all of that is a lie.”

All of the parents at the school received a letter from administrators letting them know that their children are safe.  Police are now seeking to determine if charges should be filed against the child’s mother.   This is the second incident of this nature in the last few months.  Earlier in the year, a woman in the same state faced charges when her six year old also brought a loaded gun to school.

Maybe people should lock their guns up or not buy them at all.  How about that for a solution?


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  1. qdog112

    September 1, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Mom is in denial. Lock her ass up.

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