Bring Back a Different World

Did you know Kimberly Reese from Different World has an acting school?

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A lot of people have no idea what the cast members from “A Different World” have been doing since they left the show.  We want to keep you in the loop because we love the show so much.  Here is an Interview with Houston Style’s Rebecca Walton and Charnele Brown aka Kim Reese of the hit ’90s television show, where she talks about what she’s been up to.

In the interview, Charnele talks about life after A Different World, living in Houston, and her acting school, The Charnele Brown Acting School.

Did you ever wonder what happens when a show that big is over?  You have to find something to do and of course the cast members went on to live the rest of their lives.   In the interview, Kim says that her acting school deals with children all the way up to adults.

She says that the school is exclusive in who they allow into the program.  She also claims that she can’t “teach you how to act.”  Instead, she says that she can only enhance what you can already do.  Charnele states that you have to have true desire to become a strong actor or actress, and she only wants to work with those who are deeply determined to be successful in the industry.

And all these years, you thought she was practicing medicine.  Check out the interview and let’s give her our support: