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Ayvaunn Penn: Don’t Cry Over What God Removes From Your Life

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godHello All Christian News Family!

Today’s inspiration comes from I Samuel chapter 16:1.
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 When God told the prophet Samuel that He was going to terminate King Saul’s reign, Samuel mourned bitterly. Yes, Saul made major mistakes and stopped living after God, but Saul still felt terrible over the whole situation. After all, this was once the young boy God told him to anoint as king — the same young boy who once thought he was so undeserving of such an honor. Yet, Saul was no longer humble or fit to rule God’s people.

Sometimes there are people and things in our lives that God removes. Others change. We change. And when people grow — or stop growing — one ascends while the other gets left behind, and the two can no longer commune together. In this case, King Saul willingly chose to stunt his own spiritual growth, so the Lord decided to raise up young David — a man after His own heart — to lead His chosen people, the Israelites.

So, what malignant people, places, and things has God removed from our lives? How long will we mourn over them? Let it not be long, for God has something better in store.

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