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Atheist Kickstarter campaign referred to God as an “abusive boyfriend”

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By Nigel Boys

Chicago native Hemant Mehta, who blogs on under the name of the “Friendly Atheist,” decided that he would create a book, to show people that believing in God was a bad thing to do, because it brought out violent tendencies.

After Mehta’s video was posted on YouTube channel’s “The Atheist Voice,” the 31-year-old graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago decided to post on Kickstarter, a global crowd-funding platform to gain financial support for his book to get it off the ground.

The title of his proposed atheist book would have been “God is an Abusive Boyfriend,” but it never made it to being published and Mehta announced after less than one week that he was canceling the book due to the many negative comments.

Surprisingly enough, the vast majority of negative comments came from fellow atheists, who thought that Mehta was not doing a good job convincing people that there was no higher power. Some even suggested that he had made light of a serious issue of domestic abuse by cracking jokes about believing in God.

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