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A hair guru explains why she is no longer going natural

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Hi Everyone! This is an update hair video. Life threw a few curve balls my way and I could not maintain the hair prepping, detangling or styling of my hair in it’s natural state. It became extremely time consuming as my hair got longer, so I gave myself two option.. And that was either to cut it all off or to just relax it. I chose to relax my hair for no other reason than for the convenience of it. Unfortunately I have not been taking care of my hair because it is no longer on the top of my priority list. Has my hair suffered? The answer is Yes! Now, I have to learn how to take care of relaxed hair..


Hi Everyone. It’s Kerry. I have not been on here in such a long time, and I do apologize. I missed you guys so much. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, I updated I think about twice, so I do want to again say I’m sorry for being on such a long hiatus but life really took over, and I needed to focus on myself during this time.

Now, so much has happened. I do want to come by and let you guys know that I’m no longer natural. My hair … I relaxed my hair and that was because I had so much going on. I was so stressed out and may be later on I’ll get more into details as far as what was happening with me, but right now, I just want to keep it simple and let you know that my hair is now relaxed. Do I have plans on going back natural anytime soon? I’m not sure.

I was actually planning on cutting my hair off because I just did not want to deal with my hair like I didn’t care about it, I don’t want to deal with it. Just too much was going on, and I needed like a quick fix, but instead of cutting all my hair off, I decided, you know what, I went so long. I’m trying to grow my hair out, and I just decided, you know what, let me just slowly relax on it, so most of this on my hair is in a ponytail. I don’t even do anything fancy.

My hair is usually in a ponytail or bun or I just throw lace front on, like say that’s the extent of my styling process, so I had a lot more fun with my hair when it was natural, but like I said I couldn’t think about what I was going to do with my hair on a daily basis or set my hair from the night before and think of what style. I wanted it to be very simple and I’m sure a lot of you can relate




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