8 Confidence Reminders For ‘Super’ Women | T. Denise Manning

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By T. Denise Manning

Who is SUPERWOMAN anyway!? Well, wonder woman OR superwoman can be defined as ANY woman that excels far above everyone in her chosen field. She’s a woman that stands out above the rest, she appears greater than great itself! A woman that has many mentee’s and women just look up to her and have no idea why. A True leader both spiritually and physically. A woman that does more than what may be required of her. A phenomenal woman! Goes above and beyond when helping others and doesn’t look around to see whose watching. A Superwoman is a woman that wears many hats and can often feel like she’s lived nine lives by all the accomplishments she has.  You want to see a true wonder woman?? Look around, she develops SUPERWOMEN!!

After being dubbed Source magazines “Wonder Woman Life Coach” I knew that my work was NOT done and I realized I had to take a knee and smell the roses from my hard work.  Go getters rarely take a knee, we keep going. The next task, the next endeavor… I realized that at the age of 34, I accomplished some major things in my life and humanity and I knew that the bar would be set pretty high when the day would come for me to have a daughter of my own… A close friend of mine told me, “Girl, aint nobody tryna be wonder woman, we too busy tryna get Superwoman Status & I feel sorry for your daughter.”  I laughed it off but those words left heavy residue on my heart.

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