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7 Tips On How To Turn Self-Love Into Self-fulfillment & More | TemTi Sahu Ra

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selfloveBy TemTi Sahu Ra

We should all know the importance of ‘dressing for success,’ and how choosing the right colors, cut or choice of clothes creates an impression that can literally open up doors or change the way people treat us! But do we ever consider the way we feel about ourselves and how important that is in creating an ‘aura’ or emotional impression on others that’s way more powerful than clothes, perfumes or words could ever be?

Here are 7 tips that will allow you ‘dress up’ your energy for a successful full frontal assault on your life and all its obstacles!

Tip #1: Build From The Ground Up!

All of our traits for self-esteem, cultural grounding, survival, career, money mindset and sense of belonging are influenced by our ‘lower pelvic’ belt which includes the tailbone and lower pubic area. This region is the root and seat of all our vital organs but if it becomes weakened through illness, lack of physical exercise or improper use and abuse, it can create an effect on us where we may feel materially burdened, unfulfilled, uncomfortable in our own skin and rooted down or stuck in unrewarding careers and always feeling like we never have enough of anything.

The Male sexual organs are found in this area hence a strong link exists between male sexual expression (both mental & physical) and feelings of self-worth. Taking good care of this area with healthy sexual practices and exercises that work the legs and pelvic floor muscles can decrease anxiety levels caused by instability in the lower pelvic region, which then allows us to have more consistency in our lives as well as feeling like we have a solid and dependable foundation in life; and who doesn’t like dependable people?

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