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Woman’s mugshot goes viral, but not because it’s cute

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mugshotBy Nigel Boys

Thirty-four-year old, Angela Green and her companion, Brian Baker, were apparently so enjoying their stay at the Quality Inn Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio in room number 253, that they refused to leave when asked to do so by the management.

Since the couple refused to pay for another night’s lodging, the hotel informed the Wickliffe Police Department, to come help turf Green and Baker out.

However, when they arrived at the scene, the police found Green to be in an awkward mood, because she would not even give them her name and still refused to leave the room.

After several attempts to get Green and Baker to leave peacefully, only to be met with loud verbal abuse and no cooperation from the woman, police promptly arrested Green and took her to the station for documentation and photographing.

Apparently still in an uncooperative mood, Green posed for her mugshot, after being charged with obstructing official business, in a rather ridiculous, but humorous manner. She pouted her lips as far as she could, in what can only be described as her best impression of a blowfish.

The police officers obviously found this hilarious and promptly posted Green’s picture on their Facebook page, along with a brief description of why she had been arrested, which has since gone viral.

The post declared that “As the couple was being escorted from the building it was discovered that she had provided fictitious information.” It continued, “Once outside, the female continued to become loud and uncooperative and refused to identify herself. After a brief struggle the female was arrested and transported to the WPD.”

After posting bail of $354, Green was released from police custody, along with her new celebrity status.

Green’s amusing picture has since appeared on numerous blogs and news sites and has garnered 238 likes, 288 comments and 295 shares since it first appeared on the Wickliffe Police Department’s Facebook page on July 15.