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Woman Who Stripped at Mandela’s Statue Gets Mocked for Having Flat Rear End

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Nelson Mandela was a beloved liberator, but stripping off all your clothes and rubbing up Mandela Stripperagainst the man’s statue in celebration just seems a bit much. According to AFP, however, that’s exactly what one South African woman did in Nelson Mandela Square.

Onlookers say the woman stripped nαked, removing her pink dress, white bra and G-string, then proceeded to caress and hug the statue of Mandela.

A Johannesburg waitress says the woman caused quite a stir after she disrobed.

Onlookers began taking pictures and before long the images were floating around social media. The waitress recalls that one male customer was actually hit in the head by his wife when he went to take a closer look at the woman.

“I was disgusted actually. A woman’s body is God’s temple. She should not just go and strip for the public, she should do things like that for her man. She had a flat αss for an African woman,” said one woman who spoke to IOL News in South Africa.

Chef Khotso Tladi took issue with how the woman appeared as well.

“She didn’t have a nice body, everything was saggy and she had hair. Afroman was better.”

Although the observers who were interviewed commented on the woman’s appearance, none of them commented on whether the woman could’ve been mentally ill and in need of help.

Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square regional marketing manager Megan Meas said she had no idea who the woman was or where she came from.

“This was an unauthorised incident conducted by a private citizen in her personal capacity on our property,” she said.

The woman was not arrested or detained after the incident.