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Woman sued by Tyler Perry says he’s a fake Christian: “I felt bullied”

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lawsuitTyler Perry has been involved in a lawsuit over the use of the term, “What would Jesus Do?”  The phrase has been put into use for a show that Perry apparently has in the works.  But Kim Kearney (aka Poprah) says that she filed for the trademark before Perry did and has paperwork to prove it.

Kearney also says that she took the idea to Perry, only to have his people say they weren’t interested in the project.  During the interview below, she says that she felt that Perry was a man she could trust and one that she admired, but now her opinion has changed.

Kearney says that, to her surprise, she later found out that Perry’s legal team had filed suit to take the trademark away from her. She says that she fought diligently for a number of years, but eventually found herself exhausted and out of money.  She couldn’t afford legal representation and says that she was the victim of money and power as it overwhelmed her ability to fight back.

In the first case, Kearney says she was able to defend her trademark and thought the battle was over.  But then, after receiving a large pile of legal paperwork from Perry and his team, she then found out that the trademark had been taken away.

In an interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Kearney speaks of her long journey in the battle against Tyler Perry’s legal team.   She is very emotional and a little long-winded at times, but tells the story in detail about her passion as a Christian woman, who is also wondering, “Why would Tyler Perry do this to me?”

Kearney says that she trusted Perry and felt that his constant message of spirituality meant that he would be understanding of a woman’s battle to protect her rights and property.  But she says that after her experience with Tyler, she sees him as a “bully” whom she believes has used the work of others to build up his own reputation.

Watch the interview below and tell us what you think.  Is Tyler Perry a rich and powerful filmmaker seeking to do good in the world or is all of this part of a package of false imagery meant to glorify his name at the expense of others?  It’s important to hear all points of view in situations like this, so look at all of the evidence and make your own decision.



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