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Woman secretly records sexist male catcalls: You’ll never believe what men said

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catcallsBy Nigel Boys

Fed up with being treated like a sexx object and hearing the many crude comments from men when they saw her, Lindsey from Minneapolis decided to get revenge on those who catcall her, by secretly recording them and posting on YouTube.

The 28-year-old beauty started asking the men she encountered in the city why they chose to make lewd suggestions when she passed by, but some of their answers, which she secretly videoed, came as a surprise even to her.

Jared from Ohio told her that it was perfectly natural to shout things of admiration at a woman where he came from. He added that if the woman didn’t like being catcalled, she “should never have been born.”

According to Lindsey, she had encountered Jared at a bus stop and he wouldn’t stop propositioning her even after she told him she was not interested. She added that he told her he believed she was just being shy and was really interested in him, but some white women get offended when he approached.

Lindsey’s reply to Jared’s insinuation that she was ignoring him because he was black was that she would shout at a white man who did the same or a woman for that matter. She added that she believed she should be able to go out of the house without being harassed just like anybody else.

Most men who catcall women believe that they are doing the woman a favor, said Lindsey. She adds that when she tells the men that she is offended by their remarks, they seem to be genuinely shocked, so maybe the way to deal with them is to tell them so.

However, Lindsey has ulterior motives for secretly recording the men she encounters and posting them online. She believes it is a way of getting revenge on them for putting her through an embarrassing situation in the first place.

The plucky young woman also carries with her a selection of pocket-sized cards she has created, to give to men when they say or do something inappropriate. Some tell the men to “Keep it to yourself,” or “It’s not a compliment,” and Lindsey believes that this may help solve the problem with some of the men.

However, some men just won’t take no for an answer, according to Lindsey. She adds that it’s best to avoid these types with no confrontation, because the situation could turn nasty.
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