Woman Rants Against Illegal Immigrants: “What About the Goddαmn Kids Here?”

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A Fox News affiliate interviewed a woman who lashed out at the number of minor immigrants lancelin immigrationwho are illegally crossing the U.S. border.

Bernadette Lancelin delivered an on-camera rant about her opposition to helping immigrant children at the expense of people in the U.S.

“It’s not right. Now billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the White House to help feed and house them,” she said. “What about the goddαmn kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country?”

Lancelin concluded: “All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back?” she asked. “I’m sorry that their parents are in poor living conditions or surroundings or whatever’s going on out there. I don’t care.”

Lancelin is not the only person expressing this sentiment.

“The shootings that took place this week were concentrated on Chicago’s South Side, which consists predominantly of African Americans, including plenty of children,” observed The Root’s Keli Goff.

“On Tuesday the president requested $3.7 billion to address what is quickly morphing from an immigration crisis to a disaster,” said Goff. “And that money could be used elsewhere, including to help American children already living here who are facing violence and poverty on a daily basis, such as those facing staggering violence in Chicago,” Goff finished.

President Obama visited Texas on Wednesday and discussed immigration with Texas Governor Rick Perry. After the visit, he pressed Republicans in Congress to act.

“What I emphasized to the governor is the problem here is not a major disagreement around the actions that could be helpful in dealing with the problem,” Obama said. “The challenge is: is Congress prepared to act to put the resources in place to get this done?