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Woman Decαpitates Neighbor After Argument Over Rent

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“What are you doing? Oh no! Oh no!” yelled a woman as she begged for her life before having her head cυt off by a neighbor.

Cuevas (left), Browne (right)

Cuevas (left), Browne (right)

Leah Cuevas, 42, allegedly mυrdered Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne, 27, by chοpping off the woman’s head with what authorities described as a “sharp instrument.”

The two New York women had gotten into an argument over unpaid rent, which apparently led to the kιlling.

Browne, a mother of four, reportedly begged for her life before being fatally wounded by Cuevas and dιsmembered.

Witnesses say they heard hοrrific screams from Browne after the woman entered Cuevas’ apartment. First witnesses recalled Browne screaming “Oh no, oh no. I’m sorry, I’m sorry” then Cuevas yelling at the woman to shut up.

Authorities found the Guyana immigrants’ dismembered torso in a wooded area in Long Island on July 9. The deαd woman’s arms were found about 25 miles away and her head was discovered at another location.

According to prosecutors, Cuevas may’ve been pretending to be the landlord after the deαth of the landlord last year. She reportedly collected rent from tenants even though they did not have hot water and many were without electricity. Browne, it is believed, was fed up with the scam and refusing to pay rent until the issues were resolved.

Browne’s husband, Dale, flew in from Guyana after learning that his wife had gone missing. Outside the courtroom, he told the story of how his wife had come to the U.S. looking for a better life, Newsday reports.

“This . . . is a story of persons wanting better for their family, which is the human story,” he said. “We resolved together that we would make this sacrifice, as hard as it was to do this.”

Cuevas’ entered a plea of not guilty in court on Thursday.