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Woman Claims She Was Attαcked by Rats at D.C. Hospital

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A woman who worked in a Washington D.C. hospital says the vermin infestation is so bad there that Kennardshe was once attαcked by rats.

Doris Kennard, who worked for the contractor who ran the morgue in Providence Hospital, says rats basically run the place and even feast on deαd bodies.

“They were going into places like the anαl area, the vαginal area, the pυbic area of the males,”  Kennard told local affiliate FOX 5. “That’s where they would get in.”

Kennard claims she worked at the morgue from 2007 to 2009 and it was horrendous for her because she was basically working alone since nobody else wanted to work around the rats.

She says rats actually attαcked her once, forcing her to seek medical help.

“They were getting inside of the bags,” she said. “They were actually gnawing inside of the bags and leaving the remnants of where they were eating to get inside of the bags. Parts of the bag on the tray. I saw scratches on the bodies.”

When asked why she believes rats are becoming such a problem at the hospital, Kennard says she believes it’s because coolers in the morgue break down quite often. Also, the morgue is located near the trash dumpster.

Kennard is now suing the hospital for $230,000 for the rat attαck and stress stemming from it.

“They tried to cover this thing up from day one,” said attorney Gregory Lattimer, who added that employees he spoke with confirm that rats basically run the morgue.

“They tried to cover this thing up from day one,” added Lattimer.

Kennard says she’s still haunted by her memories and doesn’t want any family to have to deal with what she saw at the hospital.

“It could have been anyone in my family, and every time I think about the way those people were treated and doing with a hospital like Providence Hospital, nothing like this should never happen in any hospital in the United States,” she said.