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Woman Caught Calling Neighbor a “Black F*cking Nιgger” Says She’s Not Racist

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A Florida ex-school bus driver who was caught on video calling her neighbor a “black f*ckingracist school bus driver n*gger” told a local reporter that she’s not racist.

Pameler Michener, 52, of Sarasota Florida, can be heard on the YouTube video calling her neighbor a “black f*cking n*gger”, but Michener’s insults don’t end with her neighbor. She also insults the neighbor’s children as well.

“Let me tell you something, you fat f*cking n*gger, maybe if you disciplined your f*cking n*gger, stinky-αss black children, I wouldn’t have to put my two cents in,” Michener yells.

Neighbors say that Michener is known for her rants so they finally decided to publicize the comments in hopes of drawing attention to the irate woman.

“I posted the video and I wanted everyone to see this is who is working with our kids,” said neighbor Mya Ronk. “Everyone was outraged.”

“You have these kids, how could you work with kids when you don’t like a certain type of people?” Ronk continued.

When approached by local WSSB reporter Bobeth Yates, Michener explained that she wasn’t a racist.

“First of all, I’m not a racist … it’s just the opposite,” Michener told Yates. “Thank you for your time,” she said, right before slamming the door in the reporter’s face. Yates then asked from outside why Michener used the “N” word if she wasn’t racist. “Well, what do you expect?” She shouted. “My life is threαtened, ok? I have people attαcking me all the time. What do you expect?”

But it was Michener who was making threαts on the YouTube video, telling her neighbor, “I’ll slιt your throat.”

This isn’t the first time Michener has been in trouble with the law. She was previously charged with an attαck on an elderly person.

Although the woman’s neighbors said Michener is a school bus driver, she actually resigned that job in May.