Why Grades Don’t Matter For Home-schoolers | The Black Home School

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gradesBy: Krystle Crossman

When you home-school your child part of the reason to home-school is to break away from traditional school rules. Some of the differences include learning times, learning styles, and the lesson plans. One of the biggest differences is grade levels. Sarah Small is a home-school writer for the blog Simple Homeschool. She goes through the different reasons that grade levels should not be a part of the home-school routine and why.

One of the most common questions that children are asked through their lifetime is what grade level they are in. When they answer that they aren’t sure or that they don’t know it may cause some alarm with those who are asking the question. Everyone is so used to the traditional grade level system that it is strange to hear that a child is not in a specific grade level. They are not as important with home-schooling as they are in public schooling.

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