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Why can’t Alabama State’s president have romantic visitors overnight?

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People were confused when Alabama State University President Gwendolyn Boyd was told that she couldn’t havce male visitors stay at her home overnight.  Santita Jackson discusses the matter on her show.  Here is an excerpt of the conversation and the video is below:

Welcome to the Santita Jackson show. Alabaman State University has chosen a new president, Minister Gwendolyn Boyd. But guess what, she is forbidden to keep romantic company overnight in the Presidential home. What do you think about that? Is this about a woman’s right or is this about a womanly example? Or something more. Let’s talk on the Santita Jackson show.

I want to hear from you on Twitter @Santitaj and on Facebook Santita Jackson and Friends. Let’s talk about this, Alabama State University, an historical black college, has chosen a new president Minister Gwendolyn Boyd, Mechanical Engineer the first African – American woman to get a masters in Engineering at Yale University. And guess what?  She is now Alabama’s State president so hats off to you Minister Boyd and she’s a Minister. Well, when she got hired by the school they said “look immenentely qualified to all of that, you’re a single woman you cannot have your romantic partners stay in the presidential home overnight.” What do you think about that? Now, having gone to Howard University and understanding the black culture as I do, I wasn’t really shocked. But this was all over media, Time magazine covered, The Huffington Post, everybody. So the question is, is this about a woman’s right or is this about womanly example?   Let’s talk.

Santita Jackson:    Pastor Towanna Howard of the New Breed church here in Detroit, welcome to the show.

Towanna Howard: Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Santita Jackson:    Doctor Patrica Wallace, oh my goodness, I cannot wait to hear what this psychologist is going to have to say to us about this. Off – camera she has a lot of questions and of course our legal eagle here on Santita Jackson show, she – we’ve been waiting for her but of course Attorney Linda Bernard, one of the top Civil rights and family lawyers and entertainment lawyers in the country you were in court this morning, welcome ladies to the show.

[thank you]

Santita Jackson:    I’m glad we’re having this woman’s panel to talk about this issue. May I shift this to you first Attorney Linda Bernard, not only because this is a legal issue I mean she has to sign this is a contract, right?

Linda Bernard:        That’s correct.

Santita Jackson:    But you also a regent at the university. I might add she is also the first African – American to get a masters in Law at the University of Pennsylvania.

Watch more of the video below:

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