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White Officer Who Body Slammed Black Female Professor On Paid Leave

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White police officer slammed Dr Ersula Ore to the ground is now suspended.

Dr. Ersula Ore

Reported by April V. Taylor

There’s been an update in the case of Arizona State University professor Dr. Ersula Ore.  Despite ASU officials initially determining that there was no misconduct, national outrage about the incident has caused the department to backtrack on its initial statement.  The university is now requesting that the FBI review whether or not there were any civil rights violations stemming from the incident despite the fact that officials are maintaining that their initial investigation did not find that the department engaged “in racial profiling or use excessive force.”

In addition, the ASUPD officer, Stewart Ferrin, who slammed Dr. Ore to the ground during an arrest for jaywalking, has been placed on paid administrative leave.  Dr. Ore has reported that she was violated and disrespected by Officer Ferrin during her arrest on May 20.  Dashcam footage shows that Officer Ferrin threw Dr. Ore to the ground and told her that he would “slam” her on the hood of his patrol car.  An eyewitness called police during the altercation to report that Officer Ferrin appeared to be threatening Dr. Ore.  Officer Ferrin and ASUPD have continued to maintain that his actions were warranted and that Dr. Ore was resisting arrest.  Dr. Ore is facing charges of jaywalking and aggravated assault of a police officer.

A local civil rights group is calling for Officer Ferrin’s resignation due to racial profiling.  Members of the Maricopa County chapter of the National Action Network have also lobbied outside of a Mesa courthouse in response to the excessive force and racial profiling used by Officer Ferrin.  People believe that Dr. Ore was racially profiled due to the fact that she was singled out a group of people who were crossing the street without being at an intersection in order to avoid construction in the area.  National Action Network chapter president Bishop Jeffrey Metcalff reports that his group has received a total of 11 complaints against ASU police just this year and that these complaints are proof that campus police racially profile those who they arrest.

One example of officers racially profiling students is the case of Jason Heckendorn.  Heckendorn is facing several felony charges related to an incident that occurred when students were purchasing football tickets.  A group of students were rushing to get the tickets, and Heckendorn reports that his attempts to keep his friend from being trampled were misunderstood by Officer Ferrin, the same officer involved with Dr. Ore.  Heckendorn reports, “He grabbed me, and tried to throw me to the ground.  I resisted being thrown to the ground.  I resisted being pushed by natural instinct.”  Defense attorney Arja Shah states, “Officer Ferrin has been connected to two aggressive circumstances.
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  It shows how situations can escalate very quickly, in an aggressive manner.”