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White Friends “Black Up” as Venus and Serena Williams During Carnival

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When it comes time for drinks and merry-making, you can almost count on at least one person Williams Sisters blackface.jpgdressing up in black-face then pretending as if they’re unaware of why their decision sparked outrage.

Two friends in England ignited controversy when they recently “blacked up” by dressing as Venus and Serena Williams during a carnival.

Kevin Stevens and buddy Jason Luke added tanner to their skin, while one wore an afro wig and the other wore what appeared to be a wig with locs. Although the two friends were photographed laughing, some onlookers were not pleased with the outfits and complained to organizers of the Truro City Carnival.

“That sort of caricature went out in the 70s. I didn’t realise people still did that. It’s out of date and offensive,” one person complained on Facebook, according to The Mirror.

Another commenter, Andrew Harris, said, “Why didn’t somebody point out to the white man blacked up as ‘Venus Williams’ that it was not funny or acceptable.

“This will be the enduring image of this year’s carnival. How ironic in a carnival coinciding with the World Cup, Truro should score such a painful own goal.”

Kevin has since apologized for his part in the blackface performance.

“I’ve upset people and I’m very sorry. We never set out to upset anybody.

“All the guys are devastated and myself especially because I have black friends.

“I don’t want anybody looking at us thinking we are racists because that’s not the type of people we are.

“I didn’t know we were doing anything untoward. From my heart, we will genuinely learn from this.”

A carnival committee chairperson also deemed the outfits “inappropriate.”