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White Female Privilege? Google Employee Keeps Job After Pro-Slavery Jokes

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It’s hard to count the number of black women who claim to have been reprimanded or fired forTunney.jpg wearing natural hair, but one Google employee frequently goes on nasty Twitter tirades, and no one seems to notice. Is this what they call white female privilege?

Justine Tunney was once a liberal protester at Occupy Wall Street, claims Gawker, but now she spends her spare time posting tweets offensive to both black and poor people.

Tunney once claimed the OWS Twitter account and announced herself as the group’s rightful leader.. then something changed.

She went from being some sort of liberal firebrand to this right wing, vile caricature of her former self. In one tweet, she suggests that poor people be given “soylent” so that they can be more productive and suggests that the “bottom 1/3 of population should be live-in servants for the top 1/3.”

Tunney also says in her tweets that welfare should be inverted, and given to the best instead of the worst.

Tunney is  probably running some sort of satire account, even though she responds to a tweet by saying, “I’m not trolling, minimum wage makes servants unaffordable for 99% of the families.”

At one point, she even jokes about slavery, saying “at least slaves got free food and housing.”

Even though she’s probably joking on her Twitter account, could a black employee make Nazi jokes or stereotype white people without fear of losing their paycheck? Recall that a black consultant for a Republican campaign was fired last week for merely discussing white privilege on Facebook.

What do you think? Is this indicative of white privilege or does the woman have a right to do whatever she likes on her private Twitter page?