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Dr Boyce: When Chris Brown and BET say “These hoes ain’t loyal,” they’re talking about your daughter too

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins

This week, I was thinking about Chris Brown, BET and the performance of the song with the chorus “These hoes ain’t loyal.”  I’ll admit that I’m left confused by some of the feminist scholars who took issue with my article on black male sexual responsibility, yet had nothing to say when Brown, Lil Wayne and BET felt compelled to celebrate the disloyalty of “hoes” around the world.  I speculate that for some feminists, the rule is “I’m going to call out all disrespect for women….unless it sounds good and the singer is cute.”

There is also the case just a couple of weeks ago, where many people ignored a two hour sermon by Pastor Jamal Bryant, but focused on one sound bite during which he used the phrase “these hoes ain’t loyal” in order to explain why a man should focus on a “godly woman” and not one who is going to be available for a couple of nights.  Even though Pastor Bryant also took the time to ensure that he explained that he wasn’t talking about all women with his remarks, he was eaten alive by extreme feminists who are pretty much ordered by the liberal establishment to castrate every black man who speaks on behalfs of fathers, families and black children.

I didn’t agree with Pastor’s Bryant’s particular use of words, but I saw the remarks to be one unfortunate soundbite instead of a reason to destroy decades of work on behalf of black children and families.  As a father of daughters, I try to understand feminism as much as I can, while respecting the rights of men, Christians and everyone else.  But I can’t help but to be taken aback by some of the borderline terroristic bullying that occurs when someone has an opinion that doesn’t agree with a pre-defined set of ideas from which no one is allowed to deviate.  I would love to live in a world where we can empower black women and respect black men as well.

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