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schoolBy: Krystle Crossman

We grew up in a world where there has always been school whether we attended it or not. But what if there had never been such a thing as school? Where would we be without that formal education in place? It is an interesting concept to think about. Some families are raising their children as if there was no such thing as school. This style of home-schooling is called “unschooling” where the child gets to choose when they want to learn instead of being forced to learn what and when others want them to.

Writer Marty Nemko paints a picture of two siblings who were completely cut off from the world by their mother. They were taught that school was bad and that the teachers were mean. One day their mother died. The little girl decided that she wanted to go to school to get an education. Her brother decided to stay behind and honor his mother’s wishes.

His mother had been lucky enough to have a friend that worked at Apple and had given them an iPad and unlimited internet access. The young boy took the iPad out of his pocket and began his research. He was all alone on the farm he grew up on. He did not know how to use the equipment to harvest the food that was growing in the fields so he looked it up with Google. He didn’t know the right time to harvest so he looked it up.

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