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Warning: Types Of Abuse You May Be Overlooking | Dr. Sheronda Orridge

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abuseBy Dr. Sheronda Orridge

There are a lot of people who are quick to judge people who are victims of abuse. They will even go as far as to say that it could never happen to them. Abuse is a gradual but quick process. It has been said that hurt people, hurt people so most abusers have been abused themselves.

In my personal opinion that concept make no sense to me. Because I have been abused and it has causes me such tremendous pain that I couldn’t imagine inflicting that pain on anyone else.

While it is easy to speculate what you may or may not do in a situation of abuse you never really know how you will react until it happens to you. People who abuse other people are predators they look for a person’s vulnerable spots so that they can weasel their way into their life. An abusive relationship can sneak up on you and abuse comes in many forms.

I believe that everyone at one time or another has been a victim of abuse. Some people minimize some forms of abuse or don’t recognize it because they have a narrow view of what abuse is.

For example I knew someone who got punched in the face by her boyfriend and her friend kept saying that he didn’t love her because he used his fist. She had believed that if your mate hit you with an open hand that was okay but because she was hit with his fists she found that troubling. I explained to the lady it is not okay to hit someone you are dating ever if you don’t like what they are doing then leave but you can’t raise a grown person.

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