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Two Persons of Interest in Custody After Carjacking Kιlls 3 Children

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A $110, 000 reward offered by authorities may have led police to the persons responsible for carjacking victims.jpga carjacking that kιlled three children.

Local affiliate WPVI reports that charges are forthcoming in a Philadelphia crαsh that put a mother in the hospital and took the lives of her three kids.

Police have taken two persons of interest into custody but have not released their names.

One of the men surrendered to police on Sunday with his mother and pastor present. United States Marshals reportedly went to the home of another suspect and took up positions, guns drawn, and apprehended the person in question.

Neighbors near the home said that the man who was taken into custody was homeless and lives in an abandoned shed.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said Monday morning that he’s confident that the two men taken into custody are the suspects police have been searching for.

“Let me put it this way, I’m satisfied that we don’t have to have a manhunt out there right now. Let’s deal with what we have now and unless things take a turn, then we’re pretty confident that we have people who can have valuable information we need to bring this to a successful conclusion,” he said.

Authorities began their search on Friday morning after 15-year-old Keiearra Williams, 10-year-old Thomas Reed and 7-year-old Terrence Moore were struck and kιlled while selling fruit at an intersection after a stolen SUV spun out of control. The mother remains in the hospital in critical condition.

There is no word on who, if anyone, will receive the reward if the two men are charged. Although Chief Ramsey said the department had received tips, he also praised good detective work.




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