These singing/rapping girls have a message that is too positive for radio

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watotoby Dr Boyce Watkins

There are thousands of songs on the radio with messages that don’t encourage anything particularly good among kids.  If a child is trying to learn how to become an alcoholic, there’s a song for that, maybe two, three or ten.  If they want to learn how to kill another black man, BET is glad to give the blueprint.   If they are curious about sex, there are plenty of songs that will tell them about stuff that they shouldn’t hear till they are at least 25 years old.

But this song has some little girls spittin a message that would lift an entire community.  Watoto from the Nile is a group of brilliant African princesses who have a tremendous flow and really strong singing voices for their age.  They are not a signed group, but if they were, they’d be polished enough for the big time.  Their song about Lil Wayne received millions of views on YouTube, but they are supported by a community that loves them and neglected by an industry that wants to see them go away.
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If you consider how this song presents imagery that is appealing to children and consistently repeats the words “I won’t quit” in the chorus, you will see just how impactful this message would be for any child who is experiencing adversity.

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