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The Navy chooses it’s first black female four-star general

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Michelle Howard recently made history by becoming the first female in the United States Navy to become a four-star general.  She is also the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, adding to a remarkable achievement.

The military is proud of the promotion, which is needed because the armed forces have been under fire due to large numbers of sexual assaults against women that have consistently occurred over the years.  Navy Secretary Ray Mabus says that Howard’s new position is a“representation of how far we have come, and how far she has helped bring us.”

Howard is 54-years old and is the first black female to command a ship.  She was also the first to become a three-star Naval officer as well.   She also played a prominent role in a major event.  Captain Richard Phillips, who was featured in the film “Captain Phillips,” needed Howard’s help when he was attacked by Somali pirates in 2009.  Howard led Task Force 151, which conducted the rescue of the captain and his crew.

“I’m just very proud of our service,” Howard said.