The family of Michael Jackson will reveal themselves in new reality show

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jacksonBy Nigel Boys

Although superstar Michael Jackson died over five years ago, his legacy and the controversy surrounding him and his family continues to hit the headlines.

The latest episode in the Jackson saga will begin in November as a reality show based on the megastar’s former sister-in-law, Alejandra Jackson. It will air on the independent digital cable television channel Reelz.

According to the announcement by Reelz, “Living with the Jacksons,” will be a six-part series featuring Jackson family members who grew up inside the Jackson family estate, but who have since moved out.

Rob Swartz, SVP of Development and Current Programming said that “The Jackson family’s journey has been a topic of interest for decades, and we’re fortunate to be able to share this first-hand account with our viewers.” He continued, “The series provides an emotional and entertaining insight into an extraordinary yet familiar family dynamic, ideal for the network’s Hollywood Happens Here programming slate. ‘Living with the Jacksons’ is truly a show worth finding.”

The show will feature several families members, their children and will even include Donte Jackson, who was adopted by Katherine and Joe Jackson, but has been raised by Alejandra since he was 2-years-old.

The main feature of the show is how the extended family of Michael Jackson is surviving, now that they are no longer living at the Jackson family home in Encino, San Francisco. A move to which they were forced after the death of Michael in 2009, according to Genevieve.

Genevieve went on to say that during their stay at the Jackson home, Alejandra and her children always had to watch what they said in the house, because there were always a lot of outside people coming or going. She adds that they lived a very sheltered life, under the watchful eye of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who ruled the house.

Randy Jr., said that since people already had a preconceived notion of how he and his family lived, this is the chance for them to show how they really are.

However, we will have to wait until November to find out if the rest of the Jackson clan is happy with their relatives airing their dirty laundry in public, if that is what they mean to do.



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