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Teens Wearing Swimsuits Attαck Pregnant Georgia Woman

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Normally when people envision robbers, they don’t think of people dressed for the beach. One Jayla_Morant.jpgGeorgia woman, however, says she was robbed by teens wearing bathing suits.

Jayla Morant, who is six months pregnant with her first child, says she was physically attαcked by swimsuit wearing bandits and has the injuries to prove it.

Morant says the 12 or so male and female robbers caused bruising and swelling to her cheek when they assaυlted her.

“I personally counted three girls and seven boys,” Morant told local affiliate WSB-TV.

Morant says she was walking to a bus stop at 5:30am on last Wednesday when the bathing suit wearing robbers surrounded her and tried to steal her purse.

“The girl who tried to grab my purse had a bikini that was tied up on the back,” Morant said. “Where are they coming from? Let alone this many children at the same time.”

Morant wasn’t willing to let go of her purse.

“I’m with child, so there’s no way I’m just not going to give up what I had or put my life in danger,” she told WSB.

Although Morant says she struggled for as long as she could, she says stopped resisting when one of the robbers dropped a gun.

One of the suspects fired the gun and yelled, “y’all can’t see me” according to a police report.

Morant says now that she recalls the incident, she’s just happy she made it out alive. She says she didn’t fully consider what could’ve happened until she returned home.

“That’s when I realized it was a loaded gun and I’m glad I was able to make it home safe,” she said.




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