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Sherri Shepherd wins her latest legal battle

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sherri1April V. Taylor

It is being reported that Sherri Shepherd finally has some good news with all the turmoil she is going through.  A judge has ruled that she can retain physical custody of her 9-year old son. Her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, had filed a petition requesting temporary physical custody after he claimed that Shepherd put her career before being a parent, which made her an unfit mother.  Tarpley wanted to move his son to Los Angeles where he is raising two children with his girlfriend.  The two split when Shepherd discovered that Tarpley was cheating after eight years of marriage.

Tarpley’s petition was based on his claim that his son can barely write, reads at a second-grade level, can’t tie his shows, and is left with unskilled nannies.  The Los Angeles judge who ruled in the case stated that “there has not been a material change in circumstances,” that would warrant modification of the existing custody arrangement. Shepherd did not make an official comment regarding the ruling, but she did post a tweet stating, “Keep the prayers coming…Still got more battles – please judge me by my character and not from the tabloids who are having a slow news day.”

Shepherd is still facing legal battles regarding her divorce from Lamar Sally, and she is also facing another custody battle over an unborn child with Sally that is being carried by a surrogate.  Although the couple’s prenuptial agreement states that Shepherd will get full custody of the child, Sally is challenging the agreement and requesting primary custody.  Reports also indicate that Shepherd no longer wants to be liable for the child or take custody.  The child was created using Sally’s sperm but not Shepherd’s egg.

Shepherd’s professional life is also in upheaval due to her seven year stint on The View being set to come to an end in August.  While she reports having projects that she is working on, it is not clear if she will host another talk show or continue appearing on television.
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