Report Says Your Tax Dollars Are Wasted in Hundreds of Public Schools

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MD CI MSA 16 HAIRSTONBy: Krystle Crossman

American schools are failing our students. The money that they have coming in isn’t going towards the education that it should be going to and the children are the ones who are suffering. The Center for American Progress conducted a survey on 7,000 different school districts through 40 states. The schools that were involved in this survey teach almost 80% of the students in the country. What the CAP found was that a good portion of these schools are not as productive as they should be with the money that they are getting.

Surprisingly some of the schools that were in the better areas with more money were not spending it as wisely as they should have and were not producing as many above average students as once thought. These well-off areas are not necessarily producing low-achieving students, but since they are spending more money that many other schools they are not producing nearly as many as they should.

The schools that have the lowest productivity however are the ones that are in lower socioeconomic areas. They found that schools where most of the students are on the free or reduced lunch programs were the worst at spending their money on the education. Black students were eight times more likely than white students to be enrolled in one of these low-productivity schools.

READ MORE via Report Says Your Tax Dollars Are Wasted in Hundreds of Public Schools | The Black Home School.


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