Pregnant Mother of 5 Gunned Down on Chicago Highway

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A pregnant mother of five was found slumped over the wheel of her 2005 Dodge Caravan on Chicago mother CurryWednesday after having been gunned down on a Chicago highway.

Police say Jasmine Curry, 25, and two passengers were riding along Interstate 90/94 at 4a.m. when gunfire rang out and hιt Curry.

Curry’s father explained to news reporters that he’s already lost one child and is struggling with the loss of another.

“Now I’ve got to bury another child. … I buried my last-born last year and now I’ve got to bury my firstborn this year,” said Pierre Curry, according to NBC Chicago.

He continued: “My heart, my gut, [tells me] it was some crap, gang-banging crap. I just know it… She’s got five kids. I just found out from my daughter today that she was pregnant.”

The bullet struck Curry in the head, leaving her two girls and three boys without a mother.

The female passenger in the car was not harmed but told police that there was a male passenger in the car who took off running before police arrived on the scene.

Curry said his daughter was a sweet person and was scheduled to start a new job today.

He believes that the kιlling of his daughter is somehow tied to that of his 17 year old son, who was gunned down while riding in the rear passenger seat of a vehicle last August.

“She’d just left me, dropped all her kids off,” said the victim’s mother, LaTonia Mardis. “I guess the Lord said it was her time and he was ready for her. He didn’t want her to suffer no longer so He came and got her.”

Illinois State Police Capt. Luis Gutierrez said officers are questioning witnesses for clues.






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