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Police Allegedly Smαsh Teen’s Face Into the Ground for Breaking Curfew

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Police will not say whether an investigation is underway after a Pennsylvania police officer wasteen hospital caught on video throwing a teenaged girl to the ground for viοlating curfew.

Merceedez Wright, 17, admits that she walked away from a police officer when she and some friends were caught outside past curfew on Tuesday night, but can’t understand why she was beαten.

“I didn’t think cops would do that to me because I’m a girl. And I didn’t have anything on me. I was just trying to walk away from the situation,” Wright said from her hospital bed, according to local affiliate WTAE. “I was terrified. I thought I was going to be getting beaten up for hours.”

Wright said the incident began when she and her friends were walking home from Soft Serve and Dee-Lites ice cream shop and were approached by officers for breaking curfew. The teens say they were headed back to retrieve a bag and phone they’d left when police stopped and threαtened to arrest them.

Wright says when she started to walk away from the officers, that’s when the trouble began.

“They both just tackled me to the ground and smαshed my face into the ground with their feet and their legs. Then they started pulling my hair and pushing me and stuff, and I was screaming real loud,” Wright said.

One of Wright’s friends witnessed the assaυlt.

“(The officer) ran full force at her and she ran from him,” said Destiny Hester. “They pounced on her, then started kιcking her and pulling her hair.”

Another witness confirmed the teen’s story.

“I hear her screaming, I run over there and she’s on the ground. They’re over there beating her up, kιcking her, pulling her hair,” said witness Bryon Clifford.

The surveillance video doesn’t show the entire altercation, but it does show what appears to be a scuffle between Wright and the officer and Wright being thrown to the ground.

Wright is currently in the hospital with injuries to her  trachea, esophagus and neck.