Phaedra’s husband Apollo is going to prison: And his kids are too

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By Ezekiel J. Walker (Author), 7/10/2014

So I wake up to find that Real Housewive’s of Atlanta personality Apollo Nida has been arrested and will serve eight years fed time for identity theft and bank fraud. Many of the stories and blogs I have seen discuss how Mr. Nida is wrong for committing such crimes, viewers knew it would catch up with him, or mentioning if his wife, Phaedra, will divorce him, some sites even going as far to have survey polls where readers can vote whether or not the Pheadra should divorce him.
Lost amidst this entire shuffle is the couple’s two young children who will grow up without their father for the next several years, however, this particular part of the story is hardly discussed in the social mediasphere. This is a problem that we as a community have to acknowledge and take more seriously, we all know the numbers of African Americans in prison are astronomical and a majority are in there for non-violent crimes and that our criminal justice system is a farce, particularly when it comes to African Americans, but just because this is normal does not make it acceptable.

We have to remember that when one of us goes to jail or prison, a piece of all who rely and depend upon that man enter that cell with him too. Sure, Mr. Nida is a celebrity by our modern day definition and we as a viewing public tend to speak about these people as if they live in a fantasy world, but the repercussions of his crimes are anything but imaginary. There have been far too many real cases in America where a black male of any age is arrested, charged, and convicted of a crime and he is easily dismissed and enters this modern prison industrial complex, formerly known as the chattel slavery system and we sit back and accept his punishment without regard the family who look to him for guidance, structure, life lessons, and balance.
Now this is not to absolve Mr. Nida of his crimes, as he admitted to them earlier this year, but it does deserve pointing out that far too often we do not acknowledge the extra weight that the female mother must endure while her spouse in this case, is away in prison.
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Who is going to edify those children in what it means to be a man in their early development, whom can provide that strong and constant reassuring male presence in their lives? The Black family structure in particular is not complete unless there is a mother and father and while we all know plenty of single mothers and few single fathers, there is no denying that having a balance of both nurturer and disciplinarian is invaluable to a child’s wellbeing and growth.